Why is Cilajet® the best Aircraft paint protection?

Cilajet® is a commercial aerospace product available through certified distribution and application centers around the world. It is not like traditional waxes or other coatings commonly used on aircraft. It is a true anti-corrosive sealant which, when professionally applied, bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the nano level. Cilajet® has been scientifically proven to reduce drag, potentially saving aerospace companies hundreds of millions of dollars per year in fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions by billions of pounds per year. Cilajet® is Low VOC (<10%) and environmentally friendly. Cilajet® restores paint and gives faded surfaces a mirror-like finish. Cilajet® reduces aircraft cleaning and maintenance time. The unique and proprietary formula resists contaminants that may adhere to the surface of your aircraft. Examples of environmental hazards that can ruin the finish on an aircraft are:

  • weather induced chalking

  • weather induced loss of gloss

  • corrosion

  • oxidization

  • acid rain

  • ultraviolet rays

  • industrial fallout

  • overspray

  • de-icing agents

  • hydraulic fluid

  • grease

  • insect damage

  • bird droppings

  • tree sap

  • ocean spray

  • hard water spots

  • Cilajet® is certified to meet and conform to Boeing Specification D6-17487 REVISION R, British Aerospace (Airbus) Specification AIMS 09-00-002 Issue 3, July 2011 and Aerospace Materials Specification 1650C. Cilajet® is superior in its ability to protect your aircraft's paint and clear coat from all of these elements and more.

    Cilajet® offers an unsurpassed level of guaranteed protection and shine for any aircraft, whether you are leasing or purchasing a new aircraft, protecting the finish on an older aircraft, or completing a restoration project. Cilajet® aerospace protection will let you enjoy the appearance of a professionally detailed aircraft, industry leading environmental protection and shine, as well as enhancing the beauty of your aircraft compared to other waxes or coatings.

    Cilajet® will help your aircraft remain in excellent condition for years, thereby adding value to your aircraft at time of resale or lease return. Cilajet® is not sold in any stores. Talk with a representative at an authorized cilajet application center to learn more about our complete line of care products. Once cilajet is applied to your new or pre-owned aircraft, you can be confident that you will experience the finest aerospace appearance protection available in the industry.   

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