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Piper Meridian wing reflection!

Team Anderson, Wichita, Kansas.

Cilajet completes the finish on a beautiful Falcon 900 in Wichita!

Kirsten Wind Tunnel at the University of Washington's Aeronautical Laboratory

In May 2014, Cilajet continued our relentless commitment to industry leading products and performed enhanced product performance testing with a return visit to the Kirsten Wind Tunnel at the University of Washington's Aeronautical Laboratory. The heritage and history of the wind tunnel are well documented and the facility serves as a frequent hotbed for Boeing testing. The focus on this round of testing was on a heavily oxidized section of a horizontal stabilizer that is from a 1980 Piper Cherokee. 2 key factors were being tested. First, can Cilajet reduce the drag on this type of surface and second, how amazing will the paint look? Incredibly, drag was reduced and of course, the paint was brought back to life and looked amazing. This is of significant value to anyone who owns and operates aircraft that has paint which is old and faded. When considering repainting your aircraft, this scenario proves that you can have a Cilajet application done at a fraction of the cost of the huge expense of repainting and experience drag reduction, fuel savings, and an amazing "Cilajet Shine!"


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